China Railway Real Estate Co., Ltd. Shandong (West Coast) theme education knowledge competition again raises a new upsurge of comparison and overtaking

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In the afternoon of November 15, the Party committee of China Railway Real Estate Shandong (West Coast) Co., Ltd. held the theme education knowledge competition activity of "never forget your original mind and remember your mission". In combination with the continuous promotion of the work of "great party construction", it organized three grass-roots party branches under its jurisdiction and four party branches of Qingdao World Expo City Project of participating units to form seven participating teams.


Seven teams present

Promoting learning by competition and catching up by comparison

The purpose of the activity is to better promote the education of the theme of "never forget the original mind and remember the mission", and thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, and form a good atmosphere for promoting learning and learning and catching up with the school.

This competition is based on Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, general secretary Xi Jinping's report at the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the constitution of the Communist Party of China and the spirit and key points of the educational work conference on "never forget the original mind and remember the mission".


Arbitration unit

Only by learning deeply and thoroughly can we believe in and Practice

The competition is well organized, with high enthusiasm for participation and a warm atmosphere. The competition process is divided into five parts: "individual must answer", "team must answer", "rush to answer", "risk question" and "audience question". The process is linked up and exciting.

The individual must answer link reflects the individual learning effect, the team must answer link reflects the collective wisdom, the quick answer link reflects the agility of thinking and the efficiency of action, the risk question link truly tests the depth and breadth of learning, and the audience's answer link tests the whole learning result.


Show the style of China Railway

Catch up with the new upsurge of comparative study

On the field, the team members focused on the target and pressed the opponent; the audience actively participated in the interaction and rushed to push forward the warm atmosphere of the scene. After intense competition, Shandong (West Coast) company's Party committee "never forget the original mind and remember the mission" knowledge competition ended successfully. In the fierce competition among 21 participants of 7 teams, the Party branch of Shandong (West Coast) company won the first place.

Participants have said that this knowledge competition is flexible in form and rich in content, and the scope of the test questions is closely combined with the focus of thematic education and learning, which has achieved good learning results. The Party committee of Shandong (West Coast) Co., Ltd. will take this competition as an opportunity to further enhance the initiative and consciousness of learning, find out the weak links in learning in time, check and fill the gaps against the problems, enhance the learning effect, continuously improve the working level, and practically transform the enthusiasm of participating in the theme education knowledge competition into a strong driving force for practical work.

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