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In 2018, China Railway Real Estate Co., Ltd. conscientiously implemented the decision-making and deployment of China Railway, centering on the main line of transformation and upgrading, improving quality and efficiency, demarcating the direction of progress with great leap forward development, focusing on fast turnover, improving quality and ensuring revenue, focusing on accelerating project turnover, strongly removing inventory, actively optimizing increment, strictly controlling development cost, and paying close attention to management improvement. The main indicators rose sharply, refreshing history At the same time, a group of advanced individuals who have made positive contributions to the enterprise have emerged. They have been active in the business development of the enterprise, overcome difficulties, and led the team to make important contributions in the fierce market competition

On November 26, Qingdao square project of China Railway sold two sets of writing rooms again in the way of "leasing and selling simultaneously", taking another step towards the goal of the end of the year. In 2018, China Railway Real Estate Shandong company boldly innovated the marketing mode. The office of China Railway Qingdao Plaza Project sold 400 million yuan in just 30 days, which was the first sales performance of similar products in Qingdao real estate industry in that year. For this extraordinary performance, Duan Guojie, the Party committee record and executive director of China Railway Real Estate Shandong company, said, "thanks to Li Yan's excellent professional ability."  。 Yang Bin, deputy chief engineer of China Railway Real Estate Co., Ltd., general manager of China Railway Real Estate Shandong company, commented that "what the company's cadres and employees most appreciate about Li Yan is her courage to take on the responsibilities.".

Since Li Yan joined China Railway Real Estate in 2012, she has encountered many difficulties and created many surprises in the post of deputy general manager of marketing of China Railway Real Estate Shandong company. In the past eight years, Li Yan has been "simple and clean" and "self-improvement" and "affinity and cohesion" character charm. Under the leadership of China Railway Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Shandong company, she has led the marketing team to smooth the ups and downs all the way and made great contributions to the enterprise with endless progress. In 2014 and 2019, it was awarded the highest honor of China Railway Real Estate - "star of real estate".


"Do the right thing thoroughly"

"Fast, accurate, stable and ruthless"


Before joining CREC real estate, Li Yan was a famous person in Qingdao real estate circle. There was a lot of media interested in Li Yan's choice as an "engineering woman" of mechanical automation specialty to become a "sales clerk" in real estate company instead of all the good units and occupations that attracted people's attention. In 2003, no one could accurately predict the future real estate market in the era of 5000 yuan house price in Beijing The development of the field, Li Yan said, "turn uncertainty into certainty, this is my character.".

In the following eight years, Li Yan worked in the marketing departments of many real estate enterprises in Qingdao, becoming a marketing director from "real estate consultant". The rise of her career and the boom of the real estate market have kept pace with her long-term ups and downs in the front line of the real estate industry, which has enabled her to develop a strong professional ability and competent management style. Duan Guojie said that "the development of the real estate industry requires more and more professional ability, and the rapidly changing market demands to seize the window period with extraordinary insight. In these two aspects, Li Yan is an "understanding person".

Yang Bin said that "Li Yan's persistent pursuit of" professionalism "driven by this spirit and efforts to study business make her fully able to adapt to the development of the real estate industry situation.".


The first high-end large-scale complex project of China Railway Qingdao Center real estate Co., Ltd. has just been put on the market and is facing a severe market situation. It is expected that the almost "firm" customer base will become unclear. At this time, Li Yangang worked for China Railway Real Estate Shandong Co., Ltd. and soon put forward the "fast, accurate, stable and ruthless" four word formula based on his thorough understanding of the Qingdao market and his mastery of the marketing methods. In view of the limited customers, he took the initiative to attack "fast" first; in view of the backward promotion, he took multiple measures“ "Accurate" is the target; there is no time for sales; actively grasp "stable" as the strategy; for high-end sales, "going out means" dead customers "; and marketing means" ruthless "as the result. In half a year, he led the project team of China Railway Qingdao center to overfulfil various marketing targets, which caused a lot of "storm" in the real estate circle of Qingdao.

With years of experience and this perfect performance, Li Yan guides her marketing team to "no matter how good a product is, it has a process of acceptance.". "I hope you are more powerful than me," Li Yan said afterwards. "It may be a bit shameful to say that at that time, but it is my highest ideal to sell the company's products fast and well."

In the project of China Railway Qingdao World Expo City, Li Yan accurately tied the housing and apartment product sales closely. The exhibition industry strives to create the unique concept of "Expo plate", greatly improving the value of the plate area to maximize the development revenue.


"Passion, state and level"

Innovation mode of surprise

On December 23, 2018, the mainstream media of Qingdao real estate reported that "Qingdao real estate market is really cold? The 180 second dematerialization of China Railway is 95.6% and sold out in 30 minutes!" It is the "miracle" created by the sales of apartments and shops in the project of China Railway Qingdao World Expo City, which sold 1.819 billion yuan in three minutes. The birth of this "miracle" benefited from Li Yan's first "crab" online opening in the marketing field of China Railway Real estate. Yang Bin commented that "only people like Li Yan who have passion, state and level in career and work can conceive and practice this golden idea.". The two main tasks of marketing are selling well and collecting money quickly: the speed of decentralization and the price of sales decide whether to sell well or not; and collecting money quickly or not depends on whether the customers' "pocket money" is inflated or not.

Since the product positioning of China Railway Qingdao World Expo City project was determined, Li Yan has been searching for and setting up selling points based on the "production" and "marketing" key points to attract the most quality customers on the largest scale, effectively and completely convey the huge role of "exhibition shore" in promoting regional development, highlighting the attractive investment value, holding "DAZHUSHAN Tour" and "azalea fair" travel agencies continuously Guide customers to select key areas of customers, make full use of the exhibition opportunity "one exhibition, one policy" to subdivide each large-scale exhibition and visitors to coordinate the establishment of Reception Center


A series of effective online and offline "centralized bombing" has accumulated the number of potential customers to "one room is hard to find". According to the number of remaining housing sources of apartment products and customer demand, the price gradient has been reset. The price difference between high and low prices has been widened in the sales of shops. The total price of large-area shops has been controlled. In the sales strategy, large savings and small opening have been pushed for the first time, and the star houses have been focused on to explore the selling points. In the whole year, 100% of the apartments were removed, and 90% of the shops were removed when the price was much higher than that of the surrounding areas, which became the sales model of commercial products on the west coast of Qingdao

Fang Hui, marketing director of China Railway Real Estate Shandong Co., Ltd., said that "the online opening" network "to the largest customer base has promoted strong customer base transactions. In 2018, Shandong company completed the target of 104.32%, and the innovation of marketing mode played an important role. ". Duan Guojie said, "Li Yan is particularly good at integrating the upstream and downstream resources necessary for successful marketing, and using mature and effective marketing strategies, props and methods with ease.".


Li Yan hopes that everyone in her marketing team can be "better" than her, but in the eyes of many team members, Li Yan is "more and more powerful". One important aspect is that she always comes up with some "surprise winning" methods. The main goods value of Qingdao North China Railway · Qingdao square project is office, and it is well known that the office products are more and more difficult to sell in recent years, but the office sales of Qingdao square in 2018 has created a record in the region. Li Yan, who is diligent in learning and thinking, gets inspiration from a kind of automobile sales mode once popular in the West. Those who want to buy a car but suffer from insufficient funds should pay a proper amount of car money first. If they can't make it up in succession in the remaining years, the car will be recovered, and the paid car money will be collected as the rent within the period.


The main potential customers of the office of China Railway Qingdao Plaza project are entrepreneurs, who are in urgent need of office but lack of financial strength. Li Yan learned from this "rent and sale simultaneously" mode, customers only need to pay 20% down payment to move in, and then pay all down payment in two years and three periods with "20 + 20 + 10". This mode has greatly relieved the pressure of customers' funds and received a warm welcome. The sale of 400 million yuan for office rooms has been achieved in one month, and the sale of Qingdao office rooms has been the first in 2018.



"No team can improve less"

A set of unique "customer experience"

How to manage and use the marketing team well is a difficult problem for almost all real estate enterprises. Yang Bin said, "the source of marketing team personnel is complex, and it is difficult to unify the outlook on life, values and the world view, especially difficult to bring them. However, the team led by Li Yan is not only highly motivated, but also highly disciplined, which not only shows her professional level, but also shows her character. " Li Yan is able to lead the "extremely difficult" team out of combat effectiveness and discipline, relying on her high professional level, unremitting fighting spirit, sincere attitude and open personality.


Li Yan has two children under an old man, which is the most tiring stage of her life and the age when a woman is most difficult to concentrate on her career. But Li Yan never works overtime less than her employees. The west coast is 50 kilometers away from her home in the center of Qingdao, and she always arrives early and leaves late every day. Some employees of the marketing team can't understand this and can't adapt to it for the time being. Li Yan told them, "if you pay like me, your progress rate will be higher than the rate of house price rise.".

Her words "pay like me" summed up in strictness, professionalism, learning ability and execution. Li Yan said that "if you want to do a good job, you can't lack any of these characteristics." Li Yan said in an interview with the media that "my team members are very young. If I don't strict requirements, they will look back a few years later and see" my most precious time is spent like this. " I'm so sorry for them.


With the product types of Shandong company becoming more and more abundant, every kind of products such as residence, apartment, shop and so on, as well as their staged launch, Li Yan has taught her a unique set of "customer experience" that she explores and matures by herself. "You don't think of customers as God, no one has seen the emperor, we don't know how to serve God, but everyone has friends, how to care for friends You all know that your best friend wants to buy a house. What do you suggest? Your iron brother's house is leaking. How can you help Zhang Luo? " "It's not important to be honest when doing marketing" or listening ". This ordinary but direct to the key" point "makes most members of the marketing team quickly become experts in marketing and payment collection. Some marketing and customer service personnel of China Railway Qingdao center told Li Yan that "after becoming friends with customers, I feel very happy! Although I don't have as much money as them, I'm sincere enough and have the professional level in this field, which is enough to make them look at me with great admiration. " Duan Guojie said that "Li Yanfeng is fiery, careless, but meticulous, caring about the real interests and future growth of her team, which makes her have enough affinity, and this kind of personality is enough to unite people into a powerful force."


Li Yan is always full of passion, always competing for the first place, and is arrogant in the fierce market competition. She has the courage to explore the new marketing mode of "Exhibition + real estate" Expo City and create a new miracle of 180 seconds' hard selling. She led the team to compose a legendary song of breaking through adversity and shouldering the banner of enterprise transformation, upgrading and leapfrog development with wisdom and sweat.

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