China Railway Real Estate Shandong (West Coast) Co., Ltd. promotes the transformation of theme education achievements with practical work

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"No general meeting, no small meeting, special research, fast promotion and implementation"

On Saturday, January 11, China Railway Real Estate Shandong (West Coast) Co., Ltd. held three special sessions in the conference room on the 47th floor of Qingdao center in a row in accordance with the new working idea of "no general meeting, special research, fast promotion and implementation". According to the key work of project construction, exhibition operation and new project development, listen to the annual work report, face the existing problems directly, put forward suggestions and practical proposals, and seriously plan the key work in 2020. The members of the leading group of the company, together with the management of engineering management department, Qingdao World Expo City company, market development department, financial management department, etc., have carried out in-depth discussions. The deputy general manager of Shandong (West Coast) Company commented in turn, and the general manager of the company summarized the comments and put forward guiding suggestions and specific work requirements.


Project Management Symposium annual important project nodes


Symposium on exhibition operation focus of exhibition work in the whole year


New project strategic planning symposium to draw a new blueprint for the future

Since 2020, the management of China Railway Real Estate Shandong (West Coast) Co., Ltd. has rapidly expanded new ideas, constantly launched new initiatives, changed the work style through innovative meetings, corrected the work attitude through a unified team, and strengthened the transformation of subject education achievements through the combination of learning and application, so as to promote the continuous improvement of the efficiency and quality of engineering construction and operation.

People work hard early in spring, but hard work is the first thing. "In the new year, difficulties should not be underestimated, confidence unshakable, and drive should not be slackened; in the new year, opportunities and difficulties coexist. We must face up to problems and challenges, be brave in taking on responsibilities, be conscientious in our duties, do our best to do a good job, and never fail to live up to the expectations of superior leaders and front-line employees!" General manager Yang Bin put forward the requirements for cadres and employees at all levels at three meetings, which conveyed the determination of "opening up the way on the mountain, bridging the bridge on the water", as well as the courage of hard work and perseverance.

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