Discipline Inspection Commission of China Railway Real Estate Shandong (West Coast) company strengthens special supervision to win the prevention and control of epidemic situation

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Since the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Shandong (West Coast) company has earnestly implemented the unified deployment of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the group company and the Party committee of Shandong company, acted quickly, gave full play to its role of supervision and guarantee, and conscientiously fulfilled the responsibilities of being responsible for local affairs, being responsible for local affairs, and being responsible for local affairs, so as to help win the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Strengthen organization and leadership and clarify supervision responsibilities

In combination with the actual situation of the company, a leading group of supervision work was established and the notice on supervision and control of epidemic situation was issued. The supervision responsibility of the Discipline Inspection Commission was clarified from the aspects of implementing political responsibility, doing a good job in supervision and inspection, playing an exemplary role, strictly pursuing accountability, strengthening organizational leadership, etc., so as to provide organizational guarantee and system guarantee for supervision and control of epidemic situation.

Pay close attention to the work trend and strengthen the supervision function

Adhering to the principle of "where the epidemic prevention and control work is deployed, the supervision and inspection will follow up", the Discipline Inspection Commission of Shandong company focuses on the communication of superior decision-making and deployment, the formulation of epidemic prevention and control work plan, the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, the procurement and distribution of prevention and control materials, the popularization of epidemic prevention and control knowledge, home isolation observation and body temperature detection, resumption planning and the company's personnel movement Dynamic supervision shall be carried out for state management and other work.


It is required that the statistics of the implementation of the "zero report" system of the company's staff, the dynamic tracking of the company's management personnel and branch personnel, the temperature measurement of the staff in the canteen and the investigation and killing of the canteen, vehicles and office areas should be reported to the Commission for discipline inspection every day.


At the same time, we should regularly sort out all work systems, conduct real-time inspection and spot check, find and block the loopholes and blind spots in the epidemic prevention and control work, and solidly promote the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work.


Strengthen propaganda and guidance, and strengthen the confidence to win

The company arranges special personnel to take charge of publicity and prevention work for epidemic prevention and control, timely convey the spirit of epidemic prevention instructions of central, local and higher Party committees, release epidemic situation and effective control measures in real time, and publicize articles through WeChat official account, transmit WeChat to push higher authorities, participate in award-winning competitions, etc. so far, the official account of Shandong's political platform has sent out epidemic prevention. Control 4 related wechat tweets, report 9 information briefs, forward 15 messages sent by superiors, and participate in more than 150 award-winning contests and answers.


At the same time, the company's Discipline Inspection Commission participated in the design and production of more than 30 display boards on the detailed rules of epidemic prevention and control, and hundreds of propaganda banners of epidemic prevention and control slogans were posted and hung at eye-catching positions in the office area and the construction site, reminding every employee in the company's office and the management and construction personnel of each unit on the construction site to take relevant prevention and control measures.


Deepen warning education and strengthen sense of responsibility

Make full use of the video conference and wechat work group, timely report all kinds of typical cases of violation of rules, disciplines and laws announced by the media during the epidemic prevention and control period, ring the bell and remind at all times, urge the company's staff and cadres to improve their political positions, bear in mind their responsibilities and missions, strictly implement the relevant national policies and discipline requirements, and constantly enhance the overall situation awareness, responsibility awareness and law-abiding intention of all staff Knowledge.

Focus on business sector and implement precise prevention and control

According to the business characteristics of the operation section of Qingdao World Expo City, we should act quickly and compact our responsibilities, and strengthen the supervision and control of epidemic prevention and control in key areas and key links.


Focus on the implementation of "four guarantees" of material support, personnel support, communication support and professional knowledge support for venues and conference centers; focus on the implementation of "four guarantees" for hotels, focus on information registration of check-in personnel, prevention and control of guests in sensitive epidemic areas, management of visitors and check-in personnel, disinfection and killing of public areas, emergency response, employee protection, customer publicity, etc“ Implementation of the seven key tasks: for the apartment sector, focus on the implementation of "six tasks" such as raising prevention and control materials, public area investigation and killing, self prevention and control of management personnel, temperature measurement of customers' stay, visitors' persuasion, external publicity, etc. Starting from the details, we will continue to improve the system and mechanism of epidemic prevention and control.

Return to work and production with full support

Centering on the main business of the company, the Discipline Inspection Commission of the company actively participates in the preparation of planning for resumption of work and production, timely publicizes and implements the spirit of the superior and the company's resumption meeting, urges all departments at all levels to further improve their political positions, strengthens internal control, attaches great importance to the importance of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production for the development of the country, the survival of all participating units and the life of employees, Urge to adhere to the principle of "two hands to grasp, two hands to be hard, two no mistakes, two promotion", practically guarantee the orderly progress of resumption of work and epidemic prevention and control, guarantee the escort of the central work, and ensure the realization of the 2020 target task.

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