A series of activities of Shandong (West Coast) Co., Ltd. of China Railway Real Estate Co., Ltd. for 100 days' work

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On June 19, the "100 days' hard work" voluntary labor and the "cool and refreshing" employees' coolness marketing exchange meeting organized by the labor union of China Railway Real Estate Shandong (West Coast) Co., Ltd. was held warmly, which further helped the company's "100 days' hard work" battle.


At 14:00 p.m., compulsory labor will be carried out first. More than 50 cadres and employees gathered at the Expo City Yihai model room to be opened. They were divided into five teams: the workers' vanguard, the party members' vanguard, the women's vanguard, the regiment commando and the women's team. After the company's leadership arranged the division of labor, they rushed to their own "responsibility field".

Clean up and transport construction waste, remove lawn weeds, clean up the surrounding sanitation Under the scorching sun, the temperature is like fire, and the enthusiasm of everyone's labor is higher than that of the scorching sun. The sweat on my forehead blindfolded my eyes, and the sweat on my body soaked my clothes. Everyone seemed to be unconscious. Only the loud work "bugle" floated over the Expo City. More than an hour later, a full load of construction waste was transported away, and weeds were removed from the lawn. The sanitation environment around the sample room was refreshed.

In addition to voluntary work, an interesting activity of "fun and health" was launched. The interesting childhood games were used to drive everyone's awareness of healthy sports and bring you good memories and endless joy. Skipping rope reflects the staff's ability to cooperate, and the peach blossom blossoms to test everyone's ability to cope Happy laughter with health around everyone.



The last activity of the day is the staff cool down marketing communication meeting, which will relax the tension and fatigue brought by work and labor in the whole day. Please ask the marketing department to teach you personal sales knowledge and skills, help you spread your thinking and expand your thinking around how to participate in the marketing work, and help the whole staff to achieve real results in marketing. The activity in the afternoon is compact and substantial, and the form is secondary. The expected effect has been achieved by injecting new energy and new power into the "100 day work". I believe that in the next work, the cadre and staff team of China Railway Real Estate Shandong (West Coast) Co., Ltd. will devote themselves to the "100 day work" battle with more full spirit and wisdom, and reap the final result Victory!

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