The Party committee of China Railway Real Estate Shandong (West Coast) Co., Ltd. plans new ideas for Party building of exhibition

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On July 9, the main leaders of the Party committee of China Railway Real Estate Shandong (West Coast) Co., Ltd. led the responsible persons of relevant departments of the party discipline work group to investigate and guide the work of the Party branch of the Convention and exhibition company, focus on planning new ideas for the party building of the Convention and exhibition, and compose a new chapter of the exhibition operation. At the meeting, Xiao Bo, Secretary of the Party branch and executive deputy general manager of Qingdao World Expo City International Convention and exhibition company, reported the work of the branch, and some administrative leaders, heads of trade unions and Youth League branches briefly reported the relevant work. Han Yunfeng, director of the party mass work department and human resources department (Party committee cadre Department) of Shandong (West Coast) company, commented on the party mass work of the exhibition company, put forward work suggestions, and shared party work experience. 

Chen Jianguo, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade union of Shandong (West Coast) company, put forward four suggestions on the party mass work of the exhibition company: first, we should strengthen the standardization of the work, establish rules and regulations in combination with the actual situation of the company, standardize the process, standardize the operation, and strengthen the executive power. Party members and leading cadres should take the lead, and all staff should meet the standards of Party members; second, organizations at all levels should actively take the lead The Party branch should play a role of "fighting fortress" and coordination, the trade union should play the role of "bridge" and "link", the Youth League branch should play the role of "fresh force" and carry out the work around the exhibition company; third, the party and mass work must have practical results, with the purpose of integrating and promoting the central work, and achieving the actual work effect Fourth, we should bring out four good teams, namely, a good team of leading group, a good team of Party members, a good team of young employees and a team of talents loyal to the enterprise. 

Secretary Duan Guojie, Secretary of the Party committee and executive director of Shandong (West Coast) company, put forward three requirements for the business work of the Convention and Exhibition Company: first, we should objectively understand the development of the exhibition industry under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control, and we should strengthen our confidence to solve the pressure brought by the epidemic situation on the exhibition industry; second, we should take multiple measures and go all out to strive for more preferential policies to change the pressure into power and ensure the annual objectives The third is to keep up with the pace of the Party committee of Shandong (West Coast) company, earnestly implement the four mechanisms and polish three business cards. 

Seven requirements are put forward for the Party branch of the Convention and Exhibition Company: first, it is necessary to make clear the target for the future development of the exhibition company, not only to complete the annual work, but also to have a clear plan for the future development; second, to strengthen the basic construction of the branch, improve the organization, improve the system, and lay a solid foundation; third, to strengthen the self-construction of the Party branch, temper the strong and powerful party organization cadre team To strengthen learning, improve self-cultivation, emancipate the mind and dare to innovate; fourth, to implement the responsibility to make the Party branch a "Battle Fortress" with the party flag flying high; fifth, to give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, so that every Party member can become an exemplary banner; sixth, we should do a good job in the cultural construction of Party branches, and pay close attention to the establishment of activity rooms for Party members, so as to build a high standard for the study and exchange of Party members Seventh, we should attach great importance to the publicity work to show the image, working atmosphere, brand characteristics and the spirit of CREC Shandong (West Coast) Co., Ltd. and Qingdao World Expo City International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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