Yang Zhiyan investigates Shandong companies and is a pioneer in transformation and upgrading

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On July 31st, Yang Zhiyan, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Group Company, inspected Qingdao and held a symposium at the International Conference Center of China Railway Qingdao World Expo City. Zhu Changqing, deputy general manager and chief engineer of the group company, Chen Rongguo, deputy general manager, relevant departments of the headquarters of the group company, Shandong (West Coast) Company and other relevant personnel attended.


Yang Zhiyan investigated the China Railway Qingdao World Expo City project on the spot, inspected the new project plot in Shibei District of Qingdao on the spot, affirmed that Shandong (West Coast) Company explored and practiced the industrial real estate model, recognized the construction, development and operation of China Railway Qingdao World Expo City project, and put forward seven requirements for Shandong (West Coast) Company:

First, make a summary of the industrial real estate model. The work should be done well, and the "story" should be told well. It is necessary not only to walk out of the road of development with its own characteristics, but also to be a good pioneer for the transformation and upgrading of group companies.

Second, truly experience, theory and results. On the basis of doing a good job summary, we will push forward the refining of replicable templates of industrial real estate, and make "Exhibition+"a real brand of China Railway Real Estate. 


 Third, strengthen the construction of regional companies, strengthen the integration of resources, and be a typical example of regional construction. On the one hand, we should strengthen the team building to enhance the team's joint efforts, on the other hand, we should strengthen the three-level management to integrate the overall advantages and further become bigger and stronger. 

Fourth, continue to maintain good relations between government and enterprises. Further strengthen ties with local governments, consolidate the communication foundation of government functional departments, and make full use of the bridge of government-enterprise cooperation built over the years to promote enterprise development. 


Fifth, continue to strengthen the construction of talent team. Dare to take the lead in making good use of incentive mechanism and introducing talents, and learn from innovation in talent management. 

Sixth, strengthen the propaganda work. Special attention should be paid to external publicity, and a high-level promotional film for Expo City exhibition should be produced recently. 

Seventh, we should further strengthen the party building work, strengthen supervision and discipline, and have one post and two responsibilities. Always adhere to the leadership of the Party, firmly build the "root" and "soul" of leading development, and strictly manage the Party and enterprises in an all-round way.

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