Wang Jianying meets with vice mayor of Changchun Zhou he and his party in Qingdao China Railway Expo City

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On September 17, on the occasion of the opening of "Asian agricultural and food industry expo 2020" in Qingdao China Railway Expo City, Wang Jianying, general manager of China Railway Real estate, met with Zhou He, vice mayor of Changchun City, and his party in Qingdao China Railway Expo City. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the cooperative development of exhibition projects.


Zhou he visited the Qingdao China Railway Expo City Project Exhibition and International Conference Center, listened to the project introduction, and spoke highly of the development and construction capacity and operation management level of China Railway Real estate exhibition project. Zhou he pointed out that the construction and development mode of Qingdao China Railway Expo City project is not only to enhance the core value of enterprise brand, but also to improve the quality of the city and boost the urban economy. It is hoped that the working groups of both sides will coordinate and promote cooperation as soon as possible, bring the construction and operation experience of Qingdao China Railway Expo City to Changchun City, and carry out "leapfrog" construction and development on the basis of current construction and operation, so as to inject new impetus into the social and economic development of Changchun City.2.jpg

Wang Jianying pointed out that as an urban development operator, China Railway Real estate has always been committed to helping urban construction and development. The business model of Qingdao China Railway Expo City project has become increasingly mature, and the exhibition industry is highly consistent with the urban development prospect of Changchun City. It is hoped that both sides will further lay a solid foundation for cooperation and strive to make the exhibition project a city card of Changchun City.

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