China Railway Qingdao World Expo City held the 19th International Meat Industry Exhibition

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From September 15 to 17, the 19th China International Meat Industry Exhibition was grandly held in China Railway Qingdao World Expo City. The exhibition, CO sponsored by the world meat organization and China Meat Association, aims to build a professional high-quality platform for exhibition, exchange and trade for global meat enterprises and industry institutions, continuously expand enterprise exchanges, enhance trade cooperation, promote industrial innovation, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the international meat industry.


This exhibition mainly includes six theme sections: Conference and forum, exhibition and exhibition, trade docking, competitive competition, honor recognition and science and technology promotion. The exhibition area is nearly 70000 square meters, attracting more than 1000 well-known meat enterprises at home and abroad, such as Grand Manor, COFCO, Jinluo, Shuanghui, new hope Liuhe, Chinaman God, China Resources Wufeng, GAOJIN and qihuadun, The latest products, equipment and cutting-edge technologies of the meat industry, such as fresh meat products, prepared meat products, quick-frozen meat products, deep-processing meat products, leisure meat products, slaughtering equipment, processing equipment, packaging equipment, packaging materials, cold chain logistics equipment, food ingredients and production and processing supporting facilities and equipment, were intensively displayed, and representatives of many industry enterprises were invited to visit and negotiate, Inject new vitality into the development and growth, brand promotion and trade expansion of meat enterprises. At the exhibition site, exhibitors also prepared all kinds of high-quality and exquisite meat for the audience to taste for free, showing a lively scene full of fragrance and praise.


At the same time, the exhibition also held "National Day" themed activities such as China Australia red meat industry sustainable development seminar, China Denmark meat sustainable development seminar and American Meat sustainable development seminar, as well as animal food hygiene inspection and Quarantine Technology Forum, China meat food machinery innovation and development forum, meat cold chain logistics engineering innovation and development forum High quality development forum of China's meat industry, GAOJIN 2021 hot pot Carnival and other high-end professional conferences, forums and rich and colorful special activities, and invite relevant government agencies, industry associations, representatives of well-known enterprises, industry experts, scholars and other people at home and abroad to participate, from industry development, epidemic prevention and control, regional layout, quality and safety, nutrition and health, market operation Discuss the development path and trend of meat industry from different angles such as trade promotion, so as to jointly start a new journey for the development of meat industry and create a new future for the development of meat industry.


The successful holding of this China International Meat Industry Exhibition in China Railway Qingdao World Expo City has had a positive and far-reaching impact on further promoting product upgrading and technological innovation of the meat industry, accelerating the formation of a virtuous cycle of mutual promotion of supply and demand and simultaneous production and marketing of the meat industry, and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the whole industry chain of the industry. (reporter Li Meiyu, correspondent Zhong chenxuan, Xu Yongchao)

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