China Railway Qingdao World Expo City September Exhibition "good drama"

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In autumn and September, Osmanthus fragrans fragrance, the scenery is pleasant. In this day full of harvest joy, the exhibition industry of China Railway Qingdao World Expo City has gone ahead with the times and taken advantage of the momentum, showing a good situation of vigorous development again. It has successfully held many rich and colorful exhibition activities, such as 2021 Asian Agriculture and food industry expo, the 19th China International Meat Industry Exhibition, 2021 dome Carnival of China Railway World Expo City, etc, Then there will be the 2021 Shandong building energy conservation and doors, windows and curtain walls Expo and the 21st national molecular sieve academic conference of China Chemical Society, which can be described as a series of good plays and wonderful.


(source: China Railway Qingdao World Expo City)

The 2021 Shandong building energy conservation and doors, windows and curtain walls Expo, which will be unveiled from September 26 to 28, will take "low carbon energy conservation and green development" as the theme, and will be divided into four theme exhibition areas: building doors, windows and curtain walls, building thermal insulation and new materials, prefabricated buildings and healthy houses. The exhibition area is estimated to be 30000 square meters, and more than 300 well-known enterprises in the green building industry will be invited to participate, Comprehensively display the "one-stop" industry solutions, cutting-edge trends and latest achievements of the whole industrial chain in the construction field. Among them, focusing on building a leading digital wisdom exhibition area, the healthy housing sector will comprehensively display the technical and product requirements of all links from residential design to residential use in the way of "physical product display with guide instructions", and carry out physical restoration in the proportion of 1:1, so that the participating visitors can more intuitively understand the unit lobby, porch, toilet, kitchen, bedroom The functions of living room, balcony, isolation room and Smart Property bring an immersive new experience of viewing the exhibition.


(source: China Railway Qingdao World Expo City)

During the same period of the exhibition, a number of high-end industry forums, conferences and activities will also be held, such as the green building materials and building carbon peak summit forum, the second residential technology innovation forum, the Second Council of the third session of Shandong Building Energy Conservation Association, the Sixth Council of the sixth session of Shandong Construction Machinery Association, the new technology and new product press conference of the building door and window industry and the work seminar of Shandong door and window curtain wall industry, Domestic construction industry experts, scholars, media and representatives of leading enterprises are invited to gather together to deeply analyze industry policies, jointly discuss industry development trends and talk about building energy conservation and green development.

It is understood that the preparations for this Expo are being carried out in an orderly manner in China Railway Qingdao World Expo City. Many exhibitors will come as promised, show a new attitude of the industry with new products, new technologies, new equipment and new materials, based on the rich green and energy-saving construction resources in Shandong Province, constantly strengthen industrial mutual assistance and win-win results, improve the level of building energy conservation and gather new momentum for development, Lead the new future of the industry.

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