China Railway Qingdao World Expo City welcomes the "golden season" of this autumn's exhibition

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On October 11, the Sixth China Advanced Materials Industry Expo with the theme of "advanced materials leading the development of high-end equipment industry" opened in China Railway Qingdao World Expo City. More than 400 well-known enterprises in the material field of high-end equipment manufacturing industry gathered together to show the latest technologies, processes and solutions in the field of advanced materials and equipment in China in an all-round way, Jointly build an efficient platform for academic exchange and trade docking in China's high-end equipment manufacturing materials industry.


Guided by the State Administration of science, technology and industry for national defense and the National Advisory Committee of experts on the development of new material industry, and co sponsored by China Association for peaceful use of military technology, China Textile Industry Federation, Wuhan University of technology and all Union Chamber of Commerce for science, technology and equipment industry, this exhibition focuses on aviation, high-speed rail, aerospace, marine engineering, weapons, ships, nuclear power, chemical industry, electronics High strength, high modulus, ultra light, bullet proof, stab proof, cut proof, radiation proof, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, super thermal conductivity, ablation resistance, shock resistance, energy absorption, wave absorption, super wear resistance, super corrosion resistance, magnetism, superconductivity and shielding insulation, compression resilience, sealing, high strength and toughness and other high-performance and ultra-high performance materials and products used in automobile and other fields, as well as relevant experiments on high-performance special materials Testing equipment and services, fully promote the joint and collaborative innovation of multi-level and multi elements of the whole industrial chain, and promote the innovative and integrated development of China's high-end equipment industry.


At the same time, the exhibition also held aerospace materials forum, aerospace materials forum, marine materials forum, rail transit equipment materials forum, advanced metal materials forum, "two aircraft special" advanced material application research and exchange forum, special equipment protective materials and protective structures forum, military and civil dual-use fiber new material R & D and application development forum More than 20 summit forums, industry seminars and new product press conferences, including the Forum on key materials and localization for nuclear power fuel, the Forum on special coatings and coatings, the seminar on new advanced graphite materials and project cooperation and exchange, the Forum on military project bidding and enterprise procurement strategy, were invited to professional associations, colleges and universities Representatives of high-end equipment and material demand units and advanced material related enterprises participated to jointly discuss the latest trends in the development of high-end equipment and material related fields, continuously improve the technological innovation ability of high-end equipment and advanced material enterprises, and strengthen the scientific and technological support of the national strategy.


Taking the successful holding of the 6th China Advanced Materials Industry Expo as an opportunity, China Railway Qingdao World Expo City ushered in the "golden season" of this autumn's exhibition, including China Surveying and mapping Geographic Information Technology Equipment Expo, China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, China north tea industry expo, endocrinology academic conference of Chinese Medical Association A series of important exhibitions such as Qingdao imported consumer goods Expo have been scheduled. They will appear one after another and perform brilliantly in the golden autumn. They will jointly present a prosperous and hot scene, enable Qingdao's Convention and exhibition industry to reproduce the "high light moment", boost the vigorous development of regional economic and social gathering, and continue to contribute to Qingdao's construction of an open, modern, dynamic and fashionable international metropolis.

(correspondent: Zhong chenxuan, Xu Yongchao)

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